Parsch Oil Barrier

  • The immediate readiness for action, ease of handling, robust construction and the ability to function in difficult to reach areas are some of the most significant attributes of the PARSCH OIL BARRIER.
  • PARSCH OIL BARRIER can be reused again and again and is therefore very suitable for exercises.
  • The main part of the PARSCH OIL BARRIER is a special woven of 150 mm diameter which is inflated with compressed air to give buoyancy.
  • Around the hose there is a yellow apron, designed to hang vertically in the water at an immersion depth of 30 cm.
  • Both ends of the PARSCH OIL BARRIER are fitted with special couplings that several length can be easily connected with each other.
  • For many years the PARSCH OIL BARRIER has been used as a flexible barrier on lakes, canals, rivers and in harbours.